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With our crew of business truth-seekers and digital trailblazers, HeroDot is where your business or personal talents will be right at home.


Since 2014 we consistently bring tremendous value to our partners and stay a cozy, tight-knit team in the process. Take a short look into what makes us tick and what drives us, and see why we keep churning out products that succeed.

House of Digital




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What does herodot stand for?


Heroes of the digital future are relentless inventors and solution-seekers. Using unconventional tools and latest technical achievements, we bring our partners a step or two closer to tomorrow.


The Dot is integral not only to dozens of coding functions, but also to coherent storytelling. With us, a good narrative meets its digital reflection. This is where we’re at our best.

House of Digital

What clients say about us

House of Digital

Why Hero - for our partners



It takes guts to bring your vision to life – and even more so to commit to constant growth. We know because we've been there. That's why we appreciate business partners who are boldly shaping their realities.


For almost a decade we've been delivering tremendous, predictable value to our partners - and we are not about to stop. However, we understand that projects evolve to satisfy the market demands. We are here to stand by your vision.


The path to innovation is one that some are afraid to tread. Hero/dot successfully connects modern technological solutions, sleek design, and human-centered engagement. All to deliver you more for less.

Why Hero - for candidates



For the work you put in, you deserve growth and competitive reimbursement. From the salaries to a palette of individualized benefits, we value our crew. After all, great talents come to fruition only when they’re truly nurtured.


Imagine a house where multidisciplinary experts come together. That’s hero/dot. Meaningful & trustworthy workplace relationships inspire us to achieve more. It’s all about teamwork!


There are different paths that lead to professional fulfilment. Dare to tread your own! If you’ve been looking for a safe space where your voice is heard and appreciated, search no more. We’ll always find a solution that works for you.

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