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BZB UAS is a Polish startup company that specializes in the design, integration, and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Their autonomous aerial systems help to monitor and collect high precision data from extensive areas such as forests and agriculture lands.


The company was founded by two aviation enthusiasts who met at the Academic Aviation Club, where they started to construct their first aerial vehicles. Their unflagging passion for aircrafts eventually turned into a business idea and they began working on designing and producing unmanned aerial vehicles for the commercial use in forestry, agriculture and geodesy.


The company was founded in 2017 and since then BZB UAS has won international recognition and numerous awards for their innovative technology. Currently, they are working on the commercialization of the product.

client - BZB UAS


The client hired us for the design and development of BZB Planner – an app that enables users to control the UAV with the use of an iPad.


Since 80% of accidents in large and small aviation are caused by human factor, the goal of BZB UAS was to minimize the human intervention in flight operations. The transparency and simplicity of flight control was one of the most important aspects, especially since the end users of BZB UAS’ aerial vehicles are non-technical people such as farmers.


BZB UAS was looking to simplify the process of drone route planning as the leading solutions were too complex for the end user, increasing the risk of accidents and dangerous situations.  

problem - BZB UAS


We maintained workshops with the founders of BZB UAS to specify their needs and clarify user stories. The purpose of the project was to deliver an application that would enable users to monitor and control an aerial vehicle through a user-friendly interface.


A clear app dashboard was our top priority since it would reduce the complexity of operating the aerial equipment. Our UX/UI designer worked on the app flow and app mockups with the end goal of making the process of planning and execution of flight missions as user-friendly and stress-free as possible.


While implementing the interface for iPads, our iOS developers satisfied all complex projects requirements connected with the technical aspects of UAVs’ control and operation. As we were dealing with a project that involves flying vehicles, we also ensured a high level of stability by extensively profiling the app and testing it in the fields.

solution - BZB UAS


We designed and implemented an application that is transparent and easy to use, minimizing the stress of operating an aerial vehicle by a non-technical person. We radically simplified the route planning process as compared to other solutions on the market.


All routes are implemented before the take-off and at the time of flight the drone is controlled autonomously, which increases the safety of UAV’s operations. Users can easily create, save, upload and stop flight missions, and monitor all parameters at every stage of the flight. BZB UAS solution substantially simplifies the control of aerial vehicles for non-technical users, which increases the comfort of use and ensures greater safety by eliminating accidents and incidents associated with human errors.


BZB UAS partners have already started flying with the help of our solution and received very positive feedback.

result - BZB UAS


Jan Byrtek BZB UAS 1

Jan Byrtek


“The team at HeroDOT radically simplified the route planning process, especially compared to other solutions we’ve seen. Our partners have already started flying with the help of the updated BZB Planner, and we have received positive feedback. After testing in real conditions and receiving more feedback from our clients, we’ll partner again with HeroDOT to add more functionalities to our application.”

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