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Capabox is the go-to online mentoring application to get industry insights, collect new skills and take full control of your career growth. It’s a platform for smart career design created for Mentors and Mentees from the GCC countries, as well as the international ones.

Parham Gohari Capabox 1

Parham Gohari

Chief Executive Officer at Capabox

“HeroDOT was involved in almost every major step of Capabox creation. Back- and Frontend, UX and UI, even elements of strategy and marketing. I keep telling people around me that HeroDOT is one of the best at their job in Poland. Need design and development? I would certainly recommend the company“.

This dual approach, combined with the brand’s purposes, inspired us to design a platform that feels like a safe space for each user.

Client - CAPABOX


With Capabox we channelled our holistic approach to deliver both brand and web concepts. Starting from scratch, at the early stages we focused on marketing deliverables, such as extended market&user research, conceptualisation, strategy and  — finally  — branding.


Afterwards, we designed low-fidelity prototypes for the landing page and application itself. Finally, we worked on the final, high-fidelity wireframes that cover all functionalities.

Problem - CAPABOX


It’s never too early or too late to take charge of your career growth — and Capabox’s visual identity reflects this mindset. We tailored our designs to appeal to Capabox’s multicultural community.


Our branding is simple, professional and unpretentious, yet gives off a sense of warmth, security. Always keeping our client’s business goals in mind, we focused on a persuasive narrative and equally attractive visuals of the landing page.

Solution - CAPABOX


The Capabox app is designed to provide a close-to-real-life interpersonal connection. We give the users an opportunity to take a closer look at a professional silhouette of a Mentor/Mentee, get an accurate match, communicate with each other and track their skill-set progress.


On top of that, we ensured a smooth, fast and enjoyable experience.

Result - CAPABOX

Parham Gohari Capabox 2

Parham Gohari

Chief Executive Officer at Capabox

“The results speak for themselves. We now have a very attractive and functional product. The HeroDOT team was very professional and attentive to our needs”.

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