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Jaga Token is blockchain-based project we carried out together with our technology partner TISA. To complete the new club currency, we delivered the design and strategy.


Jagiellonia Białystok is a professional football club from Poland, which has been competing for the Polish championship for over 100 years. For that reason, they managed to develop strong values and traditions that drive them in their everyday operations. Jagiellonia comes from Podlaskie Voivodeship, and that’s the place where most of their fans live.


Jagiellonia Białystok is a sports organisation that always looks for new methods to boost fan engagement and bring their fan experience to the highest possible level. The supporters of their team are their greatest value. That’s why Jagiellonia consistently strives to please them with new ideas and services.


Jagiellonia Białystok has partnered with TISA and HeroDOT to deliver a new currency – CLUB TOKEN – together with a web platform, design and sales & marketing strategy.



Jagiellonia Białystok, like the vast majority of other sports clubs in the world, has faced difficulties with maintaining its former fan engagement strategy because of the COVID-19 pandemic. New restrictions imposed on them made their Match Day revenues drop, and their Fan Experience weakened. They approached us with the idea to change it with the help of CLUB TOKENS.


Prior to CLUB TOKENS implementation in Jagiellonia Białystok, we have conducted business-oriented workshops to find the best use of ‘Jaga Tokens’ to help them fulfil their long-term goals. One of the essential things we learned was that pandemic restrictions prevented Jagiellonia’s fans from being as close to their club as they desired to be.

Problem - JAGA TOKEN


Having that in mind, we helped the client with the product & marketing strategy of CLUB TOKENS in their community. To bring supporters closer to their brand, we advised them on the choice of the services & products offered by them in the exclusive packages, as well as on the communication strategy that will bring them the best profits.


We have implemented three main ideas:


To boost fan engagement and promote CLUB TOKENS, Jagiellonia Białystok uses a marketing strategy involving their most popular football players. The fans’ favourite footballers image associated with ‘Jaga Token’ strengthens the feeling that the club cares about their fans’ fulfilment and happiness.


The services & products that one can buy with ‘Jaga Token’ let supporters be close to their “club’s favourites”. This includes things such as: an online interview with a chosen player, ‘FIFA 1 vs 1 game’ against their footballer or a unique jersey with the team members’ signatures. It was widely appreciated by their supporters, who willingly purchased CLUB TOKENS.


The packages with services & products are limited in quantity and time, so fans need to hurry up to acquire them. Moreover, a new package is released every Match Day at home when the interest in the brand of Jagiellonia Białystok is the greatest. It strengthens the demand!


‘Jaga Token’ design fits the visual identification of Jagiellonia Białystok as a brand. On the one hand, it provides the values such as exclusiveness, modernity and innovativeness thanks to its shape and colours. On the other hand, it refers to Jagiellonia’s heritage with the club’s crest. Using traditional yellow and red hues on the CLUB TOKEN platform made it very appealing to the Jagiellonia Białystok’s supporters.

Solution - JAGA TOKEN


We have delivered a website that is modern, functional and mobile-friendly. It constitutes a platform where fans can purchase ‘Jaga Tokens’ and exchange them for the products & services they’re interested in. Blockchain technology makes all transactions fast and safe.


Jagiellonia Białystok’s supporters are the first fans in Poland that obtained access to such an exclusive offer. The club gained a new possibility to interact with their community and provide it with outstanding products & services.


Thanks to our CLUB TOKEN implementation, a new fan engagement strategy has been created that can be prolonged long after the restrictions are cancelled. CLUB TOKENS give numerous opportunities to organisations willing to run their loyalty programs, open crowdfunding campaigns, or find new business partners.


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