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What if someone promised to take care of all your bills and payments, not only making sure they’re all covered, but also covered at the lowest possible price? That “someone” appears to be Rachuneo.pl, a Polish company on the mission to create a centralised platform to control and find the best operator for phone, internet, electricity and gas.


We teamed up with Rachuneo.pl, tasked to start off with rebuilding their infrastructure, and then lead further development. The following case study covers the first milestone of our to-be long-term cooperation – a thorough back-end cleanup to prepare it for further dynamic development.

Client - Rachuneo.pl

The Project

Having the virtues of convenience and modernity in mind, our client looks to fill in a niche in the finance market. Being aware of the market’s weaknesses, the opportunities within, and the values provided by their competition, Rachuneo.pl seeks to become the leading player in their branch. 


That’s the main reason why they were in need of top-drawer development support. Being on the move from third party servers to an own venue, the infrastructure required being rebuilt and rewritten basically from scratch. Outdated technologies were left behind, making space for safer and more scalable solutions. 


Thus, HeroDOT took full control of the development process, handling the cloud-based infrastructure, front-end and back-end works. Simultaneously, our Product Designer began operating on the User Interface, reorganising the design system and providing key touches aiming to tweak the user flow.

The Project - Rachuneo.pl

The Process

To universalise the process, improve our workflow and – as a result – deliver a solution of the highest quality, we had to make key decisions. With scalability primarily in mind, we turned our attention to an IaaS, opting for Microsoft Azure, a solution chosen by the leading players of the finance market. 


The nature of Rachuneo.pl, their product and client base required high stability and automatic scalability to accommodate increased load. Apart from that, Azure guarantees the level of security we were looking for to protect Rachuneo.pl’s data from potential threats. 


Having gone team Microsoft with the cloud, we followed up by deploying .NET for the back-end migration. Leaving behind the currently used PHP, we proceeded to work on a more stable framework. An additional pro of .NET Core is its ability to run on multiple platforms, thus the migration from PHP was driven mainly by Rachuneo.pl’s business scaleup to Enterprise level. 


A further step towards universalisation was made in the front-end works, binning AngularJS and replacing it with a fresh Angular framework. The product design, preceded by workshops with the client (establishing targets, common obligations, resources and threats) was based on available frameworks – Google’s Material Design and Angular UI. 


Choosing easily configurable UI libraries as a basis for the design system helped us build a universal, quick and visually pleasing application in Angular.

The Process - Rachuneo.pl

The Product

We led Rachuneo.pl’s migration from third party servers to a scalable cloud-based IaaS, rewriting the code from outdated technologies to fresh and stable frameworks. We implemented plenty of unit and integration tests and an automated verification & validation process.


Another important requirement from the client was to implement an effective CI/CD pipeline. Working out a seamless DevOps process was key to delivering the software safer and faster in a structured environment, avoiding potential defects. 


With the Product Design process based on the aforementioned frameworks, we focused on making subtle touches according to Rachuneo.pl’s visual identification. With slight alterations to minor components of the interface, we put together a concise design system, which will be a foundation for further development. 


Continuing our cooperation with Rachuneo.pl, we will proceed to redesign the landing page according to modern standards, integrate it with the application and introduce several new features aiming to form a full-fledged and automated bill payment hub.

The Product - Rachuneo.pl

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