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Scrive is a premium eSign and e-identification solution that helps businesses modernise their contract workflows. It digitizes point-of-sale transactions and allows organizations to handle paperless agreements. Founded in 2010 and based in Stockholm, Scrive has quickly become a market leader in the e-signing space in the Nordics. They continue to expand globally, with a strong focus on enterprise companies in the telecom, finance and automotive industry. Up to this date, Scrive has served an impressive number of 2000+ customers in over 40 countries.

Client - SCRIVE


Scrive had developed a web-based signature platform, but they needed a mobile solution to optimise e-signing for retail point-of-sale. They wanted to allow companies to e-sign documents directly on the screen of in-store tablets. Since Scrive did not have an internal mobile team, they decided to outsource an iPad app development to some Polish software house. Ultimately, Scrive was not satisfied with this partnership and decided to find another company to work with on the Android version of the app. This client entrusted us with this project, after receiving a recommendation from a previous client of theirs. 


We looked at the iOS solution that had to be reproduced on the Android platform. The code quality left much to be desired and we shared our concerns with Scrive. They realized they needed to rebuilt the app completely as it was not up to their standards. Since the mobile solution was going to be the core of their business, they knew they had to deliver the ultimate value and best e-signing experience.


We agreed that HeroDOT would rebuild Scrive’s existing iOS application and simultaneously deliver an Android application. We took full responsibility for the development of the product and successfully implemented all solutions they had asked for. To meet the specific needs of retails, we introduced some unconventional app features. For example, we implemented a screen saver to avoid locking of the device if it is not actively used at the moment.


Version 1.0 for Android and iOS was developed within 5 months. After the launch of the app, we helped Scrive add more features (such as QR code scanning) to further improve the experience of e-signing.


For almost three years, we had been maintaining the app to ensure it performs at the highest level. After this time, the maintenance started to be very difficult as the initial technology has become outdated. We recommended Scrive to rewrite the apps in Flutter. Flutter is a cross-platform technology, meaning that only one code is needed for both platforms. The process went very smoothly and one of our developers delivered both apps within 4 months. The recent release of the apps was non-invasive for the users who experienced it as a regular app update.

Solution - SCRIVE


The success of the project is reflected in Scrive’s position on the e-signing market and the number of big enterprise companies using the solution. Scrive boasts over 2000+ customers in over 40 countries, with more than million transactions processed per month.


We have provided a solution that is very easy to use for both sellers and buyers, greatly improving the experience of e-signing. The application is simple yet it can be integrated with many systems, products and services.


Scrive is the customer we have worked with the longest. Our cooperation is ongoing and we are constantly supporting them in developing and improving the application. They have been relying on our mobile and technological expertise since 2015.

Results  - SCRIVE


Axel Talmet Scrive 1

Axel Talmet

Chief Product Officer at Scrive

“The HeroDOT team is full of great guys, and they’re easy to work with. We established a great relationship with them from the beginning. They’ve basically become a part of our company. I look forward to continuing our work together.”

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