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Share is a European grocery brand from Berlin, Germany. As a social start-up, they combine the best of the private with the nonprofit sector: The Share Foods GmbH produces and sells sustainable food and care products of high-quality, while helping those in need by following the 1+1 principle.


Now you ask yourself: can you satisfy your own needs while making a world a little better? Definitely! The 1 + 1 principle is as simple as its name: for every consumer good you buy from Share, the company provides an equivalent donation for people who often can’t afford basic necessities. For example, every organic candy bar offers a portion of food and each bottle of water gives one day of drinking water.


Wondering where you can make a change? As the founders of Share notice, the global access to nutrition is still unequally distributed, with one out of nine persons not having access to enough food in order to lead a normal and healthy life. Share enables access to food, drinking water and hygiene products in countries such as India, Myanmar, Senegal, the Republic of Congo and Cambodia. Each product has a tracking code which allow consumers to transparently track where their help is going. 

Client - SHARE


Share had partnered with dm-drogerie markt (a major drugstore chain in Germany) to distribute its products. The dm-drogerie provides their employees with smartphones to both boost digital competences and improve customer service. As a part of the campaign, Share needed to develop an app for its retail partner so that its employees were be able to use it in the field.

The goal of the app was to build awareness about
Share’s mission among the dm-drogerie sales assistants. The informed employees would subsequently educate customers on Share’s products and promote the 1+1 sharing initiative.

Problem - SHARE


Share decided to develop with us a simple Android app for 16,000 employees of dm. The campaign was scheduled for the nearest future so the app had to be delivered within a very short time span – 1,5 month.

The core functionalities delivered in the 1.0 app version included:


  • The onboarding screens that explain the 1+1 principle and motivate dm sales assistants to use the Share app. Crucial to get the key message across and get everybody on board!
  • A home screen countdown timer showing how much time was left until the start of the project. It helped Share built interest and anticipation.
  • Since the launch of the campaign, the counter shows a daily progress update, informing how many items have been donated in three respective categories: food, water and hygiene. Seeing the numbers soar can be really motivating and bring satisfaction to those who support the initiative!
  • A list of news (internal blog) that supports text, image and video format. Perfect for finding out more information on the campaign.
  • A list of frequently asked questions and their answers. A simple way to resolve any doubts and address the most burning issues.
  • A QR scanner – for everyone who wants to quickly access information on the Share product itself.


The technologies we used in this project: Kotlin, Firebase Database, Firebase Cloud Messaging and Barcode Scanner.



We hit the deadline and the 1.0 version was delivered within 1,5 month. As part of our services, we also carried out a long-term app maintenance, making sure everything runs smoothly and thousands of users get seamless experience.


The app was crucial in securing a partnership with the biggest drugstore chain in Germany – dm drogerie markt. Share was able to carry out the campaign among dm employees and effectively familiarize them with Share products and the idea behind the 1+1 principle. 

Currently, the app runs on 16,000 devices of dm employees and has almost ~100% crash-free sessions.

Result - SHARE


Mikail Kozyrev Share 1

Mikail Kozyrev

Head of Digital at Share

“HeroDOT’s work has been invaluable in helping the business improve internal awareness and understanding of its work. Through highly organized and responsive communication, working with their team has been seamless.”

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