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Space Digital Group is a digital lab from Warsaw, Poland. Since 2013, the company has been delivering IT solutions for its clients and building its own digital products.


Space Digital Group consists of digital professionals with business experience and cybersecurity expertise. It is not a typical software provider; the company exhibits in-depth technical capabilities and professional knowledge to provide solutions that are hack-proof and unbreakable. Space Digital Group has worked for many renowned companies such as Alibaba, Rakuten, Zara, Ikea, Cisco, IBM, Mercedes,, Decco and Caritas.


Additionally, Space Digital Group builds its own products using the latest technology, including AR Bridge (SaaS for AR campaigns) and SafeTalk (an encrypted communicator for secure messaging).



Space Digital Group was communicating both its services and products on the company page. Additionally, digital products such as AR Bridge or SafeTalk had their own dedicated product pages. Space Digital Group needed a brand identity system that would organize and visually interrelate a portfolio of different services and products within a single company. The lack of visual system and consistency was hindering the company’s effort to build a professional image and effectively communicate its offering to specific audiences. What is more, it the era of the changing world of technology and design, the previous visual identity was giving an impression of being outdated. The client needed a modern and technological approach to it.



The company was in need of brand architecture that integrates the entire digital ecosystem and visually connects the company’s parent brand (Space Digital Group) and its sub-brands (a portfolio of Space Digital Group digital products). For this reason, we decided to create a branded house architecture. In this strategy, the sub-brands do not detract from the parent brand and follow the same identity system. This brings consistency and creates visual interrelationships between the brands.


Taking into account these principles, we prepared three different stylescapes formed on subtle analogies related to technology and security. We conducted a one-day workshop to discuss the stylescapes and allow the client to decide which proposal best resonates with the Space Digital Group. Afterwards, we started logo design and explored initial ideas. Finally, we developed full brand style guide including guidelines for the parent logo, sub-brands logo (modular grid), color palette, patterns, style rules and typography.     


The other part of the workshops was dedicated the UX of the company website. Together with the internal stakeholders of Space Digital Group, involving the president of the board, CTO, designer, product owner and marketing, we discussed the structure of the site and its most important elements.



We designed a branded house architecture characterized by a strong parent brand and coherent sub-brands. The new visual identity system has a technological character and it is meaningful and relevant to the IT industry. The brands can operate separately from each other, but when put together, they have a coherent and powerful character. With the new brand identity, Space Digital Group can maintain the consistency of visual communication and easily create various content. The new website of Space Digital Group is modern and professional.


The brand architecture can be easily extended as the company further develops its product portfolio. We have prepared a modular grid that provides overall branding continuity and allows the company to build subsequent brand assets for new products. 



Paweł Poleński

Paweł Poleński

Co-Founder & Group CEO at Space Digital Group

“HeroDOT created a coherent brand architecture that visually connects our products and puts our visual communication in order. The whole brand ecosystem is really compelling and sets us apart from the competition.”

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