Flying above the skyscrapers of IT architecture, catching bad guys creating bugs in code, fighting with crashing Figma templates… but that’s not all there is to the life of a hero/dot hero.

28 Days Of Strong Company Culture

February is the shortest month of the year – it’s a fact. But it was also a very busy time for the team of hero/dot as there were a few important dates marked on our calendar (and some of them were made up, purely for our needs!). Valentine’s Day, big cleaning, Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek)… let’s just say we had a lot on our plate (pun intended). Let’s see what happened during those 28 days when it comes to the company culture of hero/dot!

Valentine’s Day – Showing Appreciation In Organizational Culture

Each year, Valentine’s Day is a big celebration at hero/dot. First and foremost, it is a great occasion to show each other the importance of work-based relations. It plays a considerable role in our mission to bring People & Culture to the front in our actions.

Valentine’s Day at hero/dot.

This year we had an occasion to imagine that we were actors in Renaissance Great Britain. Why? Because you were able to order the remarkable video of our culture manager reciting a chosen William Shakespeare sonnet to the person you would like to celebrate as your colleague. Let’s just say it was a unique event, with tons of laughs and positive emotions.

Pączki. Faworki. Sweets. It’s Fat Thursday time!

Tiramisu. Apple Pie, butter cookies, lollipops. Sugar rush – each one of us loves different sweets, but we celebrate the Diversity & Inclusion of each one of the sugary treats (but not only in this area).

Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek) was a busy day at the Wrocław and Warsaw locations of hero/dot. Each of the meeting rooms was fully booked, but there was a plentiful of doughnuts for each and every hero who decided to visit the office that day.

How sweet! Fat Thursday.

The number of eaten doughnuts directly impacted top-priority business results that day. We heard those pastries promote leadership attitudes, better organization, and support the bellies of top talent. (At least that’s what they told us at a local bakery!)

We Say Goodbye to Winter With Spring Office Cleaning

Self-care is not only something you can do yourself, being all-cosied at your house. Offices also need some love, nurture, and attention!

Cables. Cups. Used pens. “It will come in handy one day”. Yes, we all know that kind of attitude. But it was time to put an end to that kind of behaviour. Our in-office team, led by our Culture (Hero) Manager, put in some work. By freeing up some space in real life, we also promoted the healthy culture of not keeping our drawers full of unknown origin cables.

Spring office cleaning

Team, creativity, talent, ideas, professional growth – the kind of good company culture we promote by creating a clean space to work with ease.

PS. Some things found on the office hunt were given a second home – they were adopted by our heroes and are very well taken care of.

Last, But Not Least – Renovations Time!

Going further with the SPA treatment for our office – we decided to decorate it with some stickers. We are always looking forward to making our space the place that you want to be in.

Along with that, we did additional prints of the special posters. You may ask, “What are those special posters?”. Let us tell more:

After each project, we create a poster to celebrate our hard work, along with all the people who contributed to creating a top-notch product for our client. Our core values see that every hero at our company contributes to our work – teamwork makes the dream work!

But you will hear more about in our next update, so stay in touch with the world of hero/dot heroes!

Company Culture – Because It Matters

We did some guerilla research – results? There are plenty of important practices in hero/dot’s work environment in February. The shortest month of the year with one of the longest lists of activities. We are happy that we get to nurture a strong culture each day of the year.

Are we trying to set some kind of record here with our activities? It might be the case, but it is not our goal. What matters is the importance that it plays to our beloved team of company heroes. ❤️

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