The Get Mercy project is an initiative of the Misericors Foundation, established in 2015 by an IT entrepreneur and a priest of the Archdiocese of Cracow. The main goal of the project is the implementation of St. John Paul’s II call to the “new imagination of mercy” – on a digital continent, using the latest communication technologies,  available in many languages.

Our role was to design a brand identity for the initiative and UI/UX for the web and mobile apps – one of the components of the movement. Its goal is to unite people all over the world around the celebration of good deeds, praying in each others intention and building a modern Christian community without any cultural or language barriers.

unite help love pray - get mercy
unite in prayer get mercy rollup banner
take your time a lady praying - get mercy
design posters get mercy
hour of mercy
let's stay spiritually connected
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