After over 5 years after the company was founded, we decided that our brand identity was no longer serving us. We’ve transformed as an organization and felt the need to change our brand to better reflect who we are as a company and what we can offer to our clients. We needed it to represent both the tech and design sides of our company. 

In this article, we decided to share our rebranding process and break down our new brand identity design, including a new name, logo, creative direction, look & feel and website design.

New Name

Our previous brand name “All in Mobile” was too suggestive and limiting – it was communicating that we’re a mobile development company. This was true at the beginning but we slowly broadened the scope of our services to other platforms and services. The first step in creating our new brand was to choose a more neutral naming.

We engaged the whole team in the process of coining a new name. After narrowing the list of proposals to the top 5 that had an available domain, we collected feedback from the customers and partners. Our goal was to:

  • check if the names are easy to write and pronounce
  • what associations they create
  • which name is the most appealing
  • whether the names are easily recalled after a few days

The feedback turned out to be quite homogenous and the winning name was HeroDOT

What stands behind the meaning of HeroDOT – our new name?

The Hero denotes heroes that overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Just like our clients – and we help them with this on their digital journey. The capitalized DOT means that we skillfully connect the dots in the digital world. We ask, discover, look for solutions, advise – supporting organizations in their quest for incorporating innovative digital solutions. 

Herodot logo animation - we connect the dots in the digital

New Brand

We needed our identity to reflect who we really are – we needed it to represent both the tech and design sides of our company. HeroDOT is not a typical software development company. We excel at delivering high-end technological solutions, but we put user experience and user interface design at the heart of every digital product. We believe only such software can meet the assumed business goals. 

Over the 6 years, we managed to pull together a very diverse team of product designers, developers and technology experts. This allows us to build competitive advantage for our clients already at the visual and functional stage. With such a cross-functional approach, we consistently create digital products that work good, look good and feel good. 


Our logotype is simple, minimal and aesthetic. 

herodot logotype static and animated

While designing our logo, we took into consideration that it would have to look good on different media channels. For this reason, we also designed a graphic mark, which is an alternative version of the logotype. We use it for social media profiles where a logo needs to fit into a square.

herodot logo animation

Brand Colour Palette

Primary brand colour palette

Our primary brand colour palette represents the duality of our company – our tech and creative side. The base palette is monochromatic with blacks, greys and whites. It is strongly associated with software and technology. The warm colors represent the creative aspect of our company.

primary brand colour palette herodot

Secondary/complementary palette

As a part of the creative palette, we also have lighter and darker shades. This introduces more variety in our marketing materials – illustrations, blog posts, social media and so on. 

Brand Typography

brand typography Archia - Herodot

As for our primary typeface, we chose “Archia” –  a sans serif font that combines geometric shapes and tech vibe. It has a modern yet classic character that ideally suits branding as well as web design. We use 4 weights: Lights, Regular, Medium, SemiBold. In addition, to strengthen the effect of short text forms such as claim or headlines, we use caps.

Brand Illustration System

Because we have a very minimalistic branding that heavily relies on typography and color palette, we introduced a strong illustrative component that enriches the HeroDOT’s brand visual language and brings some playfulness. 

brand illustration system Herodot

While most companies go for stock illustrations (how boring!), we designed and prepared a whole illustration system. It’s based on illustrator brushes for the parts of the body, face elements and clothing. This gives us limitless possibilities when it comes to producing new illustrations – in a quick and easy way.

creating brand illustration for Herodot

The style we created for our illustrations is definitely very distinct. Our HeroDOT characters have distinguishable features and rich face expressions. Fun fact: we based them on the appearance of our team members.

herodot brand illustration system faces

The illustrations serve only in certain contexts such as our blog, social media or internal newsletter.

herodot brand illustration system examples for blog covers

Brand Book

Depending on the needs, our brand identity can be either neutral-ascetic or bold-visual. Sometimes we adapt it to the client’s color while maintaining our look and feel. Our brand is very versatile and consistent at the same time.

herodot brand presentation templates - ascetic and visual

Since we prepare a lot of visual materials for both internal and external communication, we often refer to our brand guidelines which help us maintain consistency. Brand guidelines are a resource that everyone in our company can use to understand how to represent the brand.

brand guidelines herodot
herodot brand guidelines in brand book

Website Design

mockup herodot website design

Since we built a new brand from the ground up, we needed to design and launch a new website. We started with mobile mockups as we know how important it is to optimize the experience for every device. We always follow the best industry standards – we have even been recognized in the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards in the RWD category.

We chose the mobile-first approach for our own site because:

  • mobile websites have more usability issues (due to the limited screen space)
  • it’s way easier to scale up the mobile version 
  • mobile mockups help to reevaluate what’s really necessary (both visually and functionally)

The mobile-first design approach worked very well – our site is clean, intuitive, easy-to-navigate and readable. Our brand identity elements – especially bold typography and versatile color palette – help us stand out in the online crowd.


In 2019, we had undertaken complex in-house activities that eventually resulted in a new brand identity.  Since we’ve been using it for several months now, we can proudly say that it meets its goals – it’s versatile, easy to use and pretty good looking. Most of all, it expresses our vision and repositions as a company that pairs modern and sleek design with tech solutions.

We’ve got several brand identity projects in our portfolio. To discuss your own brand requirements, please contact us.