Fans of fast-paced football need instant access to their favourite football team’s mobile app and website. We will show you how hero/dot helped the Polish football club Legia Warszawa to take advantage of fan engagement and conduct digital transformation.

But first…

1. What is Digital Transformation?

Although it may sound colossal at first, digital transformation is actually easier to conduct than you think. Reaching what we call “digital maturity” doesn’t mean turning your business upside down and spending every single penny of your budget. 

Digital transformation is simply the adoption of new digital solutions by a business to digitise its products, services, and operations. This can be done in various ways, such as by creating new mobile app features, automating processes, or transitioning into a remote-first workspace.

Going back to football and Legia Warszawa. Through digital transformation, football teams may strengthen their bonds with their fans, especially the younger ones, who will become increasingly important. Younger generations, such as Generation Z, display a huge interest in new digital solutions and expect to find them across all businesses.

According to the Gen Z Challenge report by TISA Group, 84.2% of the youngest fans use their sports club’s mobile app or website. Legia Warszawa understood its fans and accelerated their digital transformation, powered by hero/dot.

2. Why did Legia Warszawa decide to undergo a Digital Transformation?

The digital transformation of Legia Warszawa consisted of two stages conducted by hero/dot. First – reconstruction of their club mobile app, second – readapting of their website.

The earlier Legia Warszawa mobile application was deemed unsatisfactory and outdated by the club, and further development was considered unnecessary. To really satisfy the fans’ needs, a new start was needed. 

The client tasked hero/dot with creating a new app from scratch and assisting them in delivering a world-class mobile solution that would improve fan engagement.

Regarding the official WWW website, Legia faced a similar challenge. The official website was outdated and not adapted to mobile devices. Mobile adaptation and a good UX of a website are often underappreciated, but they are the basics of attracting and retaining users. This was an important issue of their digital transformation, as 70% of Legia fans access the website from a mobile device, and this number was expected to rise within the next few years. 

Lastly, online fans pay a lot of attention to detail. The site and the previous mobile app were unattractive to fans who would search for more emotional, exclusive, and visual content. Making a website or a mobile app navigable is one thing, but making it immersive for fans is another.

3. How did Legia Warszawa benefit from its Digital Transformation?

Compared to the prior system, new features of the mobile app enable more user engagement. The club can engage fans with useful and unique material. Moreover, Legia can directly address its fans more regularly. 

Through the club’s official mobile application, Legia supporters can get an entertaining, unique, and cohesive fan experience. The digital transformation of the mobile app revealed yet another benefit in the form of a new, appealing, and, most importantly, an independent channel of distribution for Legia fans. Legia discovered more opportunities for fan management, which translated into more personalised and effective marketing campaigns.

Legia Warszawa mobile app

On the other hand, the new engaging app represents a new opportunity to monetize content. The content of the app may be modified by the club to improve its functionality. The new app is adaptable to new possibilities and challenging business needs.

Apart from the mobile app, Legia’s website became modern, fully responsive, and adapted to feature exclusive and diverse content. Again, the goal of making it easily accessible and engaging to fans was the top priority. The effort did not go unnoticed, as the website was awarded the Mobile Trends Award in the Responsive Web Design category.

Legia Warszawa official website

4. Conclusion 

  • In the world of football, an overwhelming majority of fans use the website and mobile app of their favourite football team. Give them the accessibility they need, and your club fans will take pleasure in using your website/mobile app. Legia’s mobile app has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times.
  • In digital transformation, it is crucial to consider finding a space to engage fans or, in the case of other businesses, activate current and future customers. 
  • In fact, the digital transformation process should be carried out based on the needs of the company, not only in the sense of building and scaling the business, but also in terms of filling the needs of customers.
  • The example of the Legia Warszawa football club brilliantly demonstrates how developing the communication space with attractive content has created a unique fan experience. 
  • Currently, Legia Warsaw can use its website and mobile app as independent distribution channels for content such as match day news, sports sections on volleyball and basketball, a charity foundation, children’s activities and more.
  • Monetisation. Your digital transformation is not only an opportunity to engage fans or customers, but also to open new advertising and sponsorship opportunities. A visually appealing website and mobile app are ideal locations for sponsored or gated content.

If you would like to learn more about the processes behind Legia’s digital transformation journey, read our case studies dedicated to Legia’s website and mobile app.