We proudly present Snakebar – the first element of our open-source UI library for Flutter! ?

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Snakebar is a bottom navigation element that you can customize at your will – change the bar and selected element shape, add or remove labels, define colors and fonts, etc. We wanted to make it as flexible, lightweight and easy to use as possible.

snakebar navigation element
This is our beloved snakebar. It comes in all shapes and sizes…not only the ones you see here.

A new Flutter SnakeNavigationBar widget provides a quick navigation between different views of a mobile application. Bottom navigation is recommended for a small number of app views, typically from three to five tabs. For larger screens, a sidebar will be a better choice from the UX standpoint.

SnakeNavigationBar has a similar API to BottomNavigationBar and uses BottomNavigationBarItem to show items as well.

Get it on Github and use it for free in your new Flutter project!